I’m Feeling Blue. What Color are You?

One of the things I love about the kayak industry is the multitude of kayak colors. From the most vivid yellows and the brightest blues to blazing oranges and clear aquas, there truly is a color to please every paddler.

I, myself, am partial to blue and I’m not alone. Blue, yellow and red kayaks are the top sellers. Do the colors we are drawn to say something about us? I recently came across a color chart that suggests that they do.

Blue is the most universally loved color. People who like blue are honest, trustworthy and dependable.

Aqua represents clarity and inspires self-expression and positive thinking.

People who like lime green, the color of growth and vitality, tend to be generous, kind and sympathetic.

Yellow is the color of optimism and it makes people happy. It also inspires original thinking.

Orange embodies luxury and pleasure. Orange-lovers are usually flamboyant and fun-loving people who love the company of others.

Red-lovers are action-oriented people with a desire to experience life to its fullest.

Purple, the color of wealth, heightens one’s sense of beauty and is a catalyst for creativity.

Pink is all about compassion, nurturing, love and romance. It speaks to warmth and a bright future.

What color is your kayak and what does it say about you?


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