Happy Earth Day!


At Pelican, we’re known for caring about our customers, the products we sell and the communities where our products are enjoyed.  Because we create products that encourage our customers to discover and delight in the outdoors, there’s another concern that has consistently been one of our priorities: the environment.

We recognize that every choice we make today impacts every one of us tomorrow, and we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact. We are continuously working to make improvements where we can. Here are some ways we help to shrink our ecological footprint.

Excessive packaging has a tremendous impact on our ecosystem.

While retaining all of the protective properties required of it, we’ve reduced our packaging and use more recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.

We’re committed to minimizing our energy consumption.

Because Pelican is committed to saving energy, we’ve added higher efficiency thermoforming machines to our factory and we redirect the heat released by our ovens during the molding process to heat the factory during the winter months. We have also switched to high-efficiency light bulbs in the offices and factory.

Producing less waste is a crucial step in moving towards sustainability.

We recycle more than 99% of the plastic waste generated during the manufacturing process. In addition, we have a recycling program in place in our offices and factory that goes well beyond paper products. Metals and wood that would otherwise end up in landfill are reworked or recycled.  Furthermore, filtered water and re-usable cups have replaced all of our plastic water dispensers and disposable cups, because every little change makes a big difference.

I’m Feeling Blue. What Color are You?

One of the things I love about the kayak industry is the multitude of kayak colors. From the most vivid yellows and the brightest blues to blazing oranges and clear aquas, there truly is a color to please every paddler.

I, myself, am partial to blue and I’m not alone. Blue, yellow and red kayaks are the top sellers. Do the colors we are drawn to say something about us? I recently came across a color chart that suggests that they do.

Blue is the most universally loved color. People who like blue are honest, trustworthy and dependable.

Aqua represents clarity and inspires self-expression and positive thinking.

People who like lime green, the color of growth and vitality, tend to be generous, kind and sympathetic.

Yellow is the color of optimism and it makes people happy. It also inspires original thinking.

Orange embodies luxury and pleasure. Orange-lovers are usually flamboyant and fun-loving people who love the company of others.

Red-lovers are action-oriented people with a desire to experience life to its fullest.

Purple, the color of wealth, heightens one’s sense of beauty and is a catalyst for creativity.

Pink is all about compassion, nurturing, love and romance. It speaks to warmth and a bright future.

What color is your kayak and what does it say about you?

Pelican’s Flow 116 Goes Fishing, Gets Great Review

Flow 166 Fishing 2
Tony Hart of “yakoutlaws.com” recently reviewed his fishing-rigged Pelican Flow116 and, from all accounts, is a fan. He gave a particular nod to the SUP’s stability and handling, both on the flats and moving water. He also called out the board’s comfort, cruising speed and “riggability”.

Summarizing his experience, Hart stated, “I found the Flow 116 very easy to mount, stand, sit, and maneuver throughout the day, providing a comfortable experience.” Referring to the board’s robust high density polyethylene thermoformed construction and low clearance, flexible fin, he said, “The construction of the paddleboard allows for movement over different terrain and structures as well.”

Hart recommends the Flow 116 for those looking for recreational and angling adventures.

To read the entire review, click here.
To see the paddleboard in action, click here.
To find out more about the Flow 116 and to see the product video, click here

2014: Dare. Dream. Do.


As a new year begins, many of us look forward to a fresh start. We challenge our current lifestyle, embrace change, set aside negative feelings and allow ourselves to dream.

I am inspired by many of the people who correspond with us and I would like to share with you the journey of a young man who embarked on the adventure of a lifetime last summer. 

Benton Purnell, a 17-year old Oakland resident, paddled a Pelican 15.5 canoe down the 2,350-mile Mississippi River, much of it on his own.

At the start of his journey, he had all of two weeks experience as a solo canoeist. He was overweight and not in particularly good shape.  He began his voyage in response to his father’s urging that he have an “adventure during the summer break.”

He began his trip on May 4 in the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Minnesota, accompanied by his father for the first two weeks. Fallen trees, thick marshes and waterfalls were some of the many challenges he encountered right from the start. The canoe was unloaded, carried for up to a half-mile portage and reloaded numerous times.

Once the pair reached Minneapolis, Purnell journeyed on alone for an additional two months, keeping in touch with his parents via a satellite transponder. He paddled up to 14 hours per day and camped at night, often sharing a sandbar with local wildlife.

Rain, bugs and extreme cold and heat were just some of the elemental challenges he had to face. Close encounters with a wolf, a water moccasin, an angry beaver and a duck defending her young gave him a healthy respect for wildlife.

Purnell completed his journey on July 19, and though sunburned, blistered and bug-bitten, he proudly showed off his calloused hands, muscular arms and new, slim figure.

Purnell is a perfect example of what we can achieve with a little will, drive, determination, hard work, patience and courage.

Let’s make 2014 a year to dare, dream and do.

Pelican Proud to Sponsor Project Karibu


Inspired by a 2000 km cross country ski expedition undertaken by 5 adventurers in 1980, a team of four adventure guides will replicate the journey from Montreal to Kuujjuaq. They will brave 120 km/h winds, temperatures below -40°C and the transportation of over one hundred pounds of equipment each as they make their way towards their final destination. Their journey will take them across 3 climate zones, 7 tourist regions and 4 of the largest bodies of water in Quebec. They will experience the vastness of Quebec as they take in the natural beauty of the land and observe first-hand the wolves, moose and caribou that populate the area. Pelican is proud to sponsor the Project Karibu expedition by providing Snow Trek 75 Utility sleds that will hold gear that is essential to the success of the trip and to the survival of its participants.  The expedition gets under way on December 27th, 2013. We wish a safe and successful journey to the participants.  For more information and to follow the journey, visit www.projet-karibu.com.

Strike 120X Angler Kayak Impresses Reviewer


Tony Hart of “The Kayak Fishing Magazine” recently reviewed the Pelican Premium Strike 120X Angler and had plenty of good things to say about it. He gave a particular nod to the kayak’s uncluttered deck design, the easy functioning of the Quick Lock hatches, its stable hull and its effortless glide.

Said Hart “Overall, I was very pleased with the platform that this kayak offers to the angler in the sport of kayak fishing. Pelican is known for providing great kayaks for the angler in an affordable price range, and this kayak proves that statement.”

To find out more about the kayak and read the entire review, click here.

A Kayak Picture that is Worth a Thousand Words


Words cannot possibly do justice to this gorgeous photo submitted by Elie fan Michelle Parry.  This is a photo of her friend out on the water in Michelle’s kayak. The photo was taken at Skaha Lake in B.C.’s Okanagan Valley.

Says Michelle, “This is a friend of mine who has only paddled twice and she feels very comfortable in the elie, and it is light enough for her to paddle happily. Thanks for making a great affordable light kayak!”

Pelican International Profiled on TVA’s “Le nouveau Québec inc.”


Antoine Élie sat down with a reporter from TVA’s business division, “Argent” to talk about Pelican’s history, its product lines and its technological advantage.  This series profiles Quebec-based entrepreneurs and businesses.

To read the entire article in French, click here.

Following is a translation of three questions to which Antoine Elie responded:

Q: What Watersports equipment is most popular?

A: Interest in pedal boats has stagnated since the 1990s. Fifty percent of canoeists have switched to kayaking which can be done solo. Kayaks are popular because they are increasingly affordable and they attract a wide demographic.

Q: What’s next in Watersports?

A: The Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) which is midway between kayaking and surfing. It is a surfboard that a paddler uses to glide across the surface of the water using a paddle. It is already very popular in the U.S.A. and is beginning its breakthrough in Canada. Analysts foresee a 30% per year growth in this category.

Q: What are your main markets?

A: 70% of our sales come from the U.S.A., 20% come from Canada and the rest from 35 countries around the world. We are the third largest kayak manufacturer in the world.

Pelican and Elie Products Listed in Print and Online Paddling Buyers Guide

Pelican and Elie products can be found in Rapid Media’s print and online edition of its annual Buyer’s Guide.  The following lists the products and where they may be found in the guide:

You can read the full issue online here

Page 87 – Strait 140XE
Page 102 – Sound 120XE Angler
Page 104/5 – Pulse 100X, Freedom 100X, Escape 120X, Liberty 100X Angler
Page 108/9 – Gulf 100XE Angler
Page 114/5 – Strike 120X Angler
Page 154 – Surge 11.4, Flow 106


Santa Spotted Kayaking in New Brunswick


This photo was sent to us by Robert Shortall of New Brunswick.  Robert wrote, “Here is a photo which my wife took of me kayaking here in Richibucto-Village, New Brunswick on Dec 21, 2012. I have 3 Pelican kayaks and plan to buy my fourth next summer. We have fun with our Pelican kayaks and friends love to visit because I take them out kayaking. I get some great nature shots from my kayak. Thank you for making such a fun product.”